Concrete Projects

Tire Changing Pads:

Two tire changing pads were constructed for a local mine: one for haul trucks and one for light vehicles. Each concrete pad was constructed as a post-tension slab designed by Mendenhall-Smith and cables were installed by Sun-Coast Post-Tension. The mine also requested an office and a maintenance shop placed on slab for storage of tools.


Ormat Geothermal Power Plants:

This project required careful planning and layout including forming and pouring 176 individual footings for the equipment of the power plant with tolerances as tight as 1/8th of an inch. The project required a construction pad for the work area which included moving 50,000 cubic yards of material, some of which had to be blasted to be removed.


Milk of Lime Plant:

Site work, underground piping and concrete for lime storage solution going to leach pad. Installed owner furnished equipment including lime storage container; crushing equipment and screw conveyors; structural steel; 18-inch to 36-inch HDPE piping; 30” carbon steel pipe.



Vent Shaft:

Canyon subcontracted to AMEC-Foster Wheeler to place concrete foundations for numerous pieces of equipment, including the mine air heaters, building pads, and the collar around the vent shaft.  Underground utilities were also installed.