Earthworks Projects

East Tails Facility Pond Construction

This project consisted of an underdrain pond with a total excavation of 830,000 cubic yards. The pond was constructed with 130 vertical feet of cut. All slopes were constructed at 2:1 horizontal to vertical slopes. Construction of almost 2 miles of access road and installation of 8-inch x 12-inch double contained pipe along the entire length connecting to a separate pond. Work also included the installation of 30 foot risers for future pump installation, placement of seal zone material throughout the pond area and installation of 80 mil double contained liner. Mechanical work included the installation of two vertical turbine pumps and all associated piping and valves to connect to the HDPE pipe.


West Tails Facility Raise

This was three separate projects spanning three years, consisting of raising an existing tails dam a total of 92 feet. Total earthwork for all three years was over 2 million cubic yards. Project consisted of placement of random fill, placement of seal zone material throughout the interior surface of the facility, which was constructed with 2:1 vertical to horizontal slopes, compaction of the material, relocation of tails lines, totaling over 100,000 feet of HDPE pipe, placement of road plating material and installation of HDPE liner.


Rocky Pass Infiltration Basins

Construction of four infiltration basins consisting of approximately 750,000 cubic yards of material moved. Total project was stripping topsoil, construction of the basins, installation of approximately 2 miles of HDPE piping, valves, overflows for the ponds and perimeter fencing around the entire project. Each pond was 800 feet long by 200 feet wide by 20 feet deep with 3:1 sloping sides. Entire project was finished in 5 months.