Underground Utilities Projects

McGill-Ruth Consolidated Water & Sewer Improvements District:
Project consisted of the installation of approximately 80,000 lineal feet of new sewer line and over 300 manholes throughout the City of McGill. Work began at the existing sewer pond with a new collector pipe across the entire lower side of the town. Branch mains were connected to the main collector and run throughout the city. The new mainlines were installed in streets and alleys, with depths ranging from 4 feet to 12 feet. After pipelines were placed, the streets were repaired by patch paving. Phase II of the project consisted of tying the homes into the new mainline system. Every home in the town received a new sewer line. In many cases, the home's plumbing was altered beneath the house to make the connection.

Other Underground Utility Projects Include:

1. Battle Mountain Sewer & Water District - 60,000 linear feet of community water system, sanitary sewer collection system, manholes and sewage lift stations.

2. Canyon General Improvements District (Lockwood) - Water treatment plant; 3 million gallon water tank; water main installation; 3,000 sf steel mechanical building including footings and foundation; retaining walls and hook-up services for 100 residences.

3. Rosewood in Reno - Installation of 24 inch ductile iron reuse line serving Rosewood Lakes Golf Course with irrigation water.

4. Tonopah Water District System - Installation of PVC underground municipal water system, complete with installation of fire hydrants, water meter boxes and tying system into existing homes.